No Bully Here is excited to bring to your school  and community the Texas Safe Body Alarm Program. This program is designed to alert bystanders and the community that a child, parent or teacher maybe in need of help.We can agree that bullies and criminals are successful at committing crimes, when they think no one is looking.  Our mobile body alarm is simple to use and is a great device for the following situations:

  •  Students who walk to and from school each day.

  •  Parents who are often distracted as they are removing their child from the vehicle or placing the child in the vehicle.

  • Teachers/Administrators who arrive to school early and leave late evenings 

  • Excellent for everyday activities

  • Can cause a criminal to stop and look around, which will give a possible victim time to get to safety

Request Sample: 
You can request a sample by emailing us at: and we will mail your device within 24hrs.  Samples are limited!

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No Bully Here and the Foundation for Modern Music is excited to announce the 5th Annual No Bully Here Music Fest 2020 (NBHM) at the Miller Outdoor Theatre will take place in October 2020. Event date TBD 



No Bully Here staff consults with Schools to determine the exact needs for students attending our seminars. With that information, No Bully Here will build a tailored presentation to address the needs of the students through the overall anti-bully seminar. No Bully Here provides schools with an electronic copy of the presentation. Furthermore, we typically spend one hour and fifteen minutes delivering the content to each student group in a meaningfully engaging manner. All seminars are followed by a Q&A session whereas students can ask questions or voice their opinions.

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